Monday, 27 May 2013

I've not been far away...

But as is my normal mode of operation....busy busy busy.

This time of the year is my busiest, as it is cold. People want to keep warm and luckily for me they like the things I create to keep them warm.

Most people would take the whole year to create 'stock' - to get organised so that they can supply people/shops/gallerys/online stores etc.....but not me.

For one. I get bored. I create something, go a little manic and churn out a lot of different types of the style that has taken my fancy. People love them, snap them up and I churn out more.

Actually. That sounds wrong. I don't churn them out. I just make them. Each one different. Each one eliciting a little sigh of surprise at how much I like it. How I might not want to let it go to a new house. But then someone likes it - buys it - off it goes.

And I smile a smile.


As I work on things, I tweak. I do the 'what if' question that will eternally plague me but I now understand is integral to the way I create.

Before I know it, I am off on another tangent. .....  Creating something quite different. People have to hang on tight to keep up....'what are you working on now' they will ask....and if I'm not quick it will be a different answer before I know what has happened.

And so.

You haven't seen me here. But I've been working. Busy busy busy.

These images are just a few of the things that I've worked on....but show the gradual change from using lots of lovely fine yarns, throwing in some thicker stuff.

And then, Just like that. I start deciding to spin some yarn. Probably inspired but Wool Wench and Jazz Turtle and the things they create.

They spin, weave, dye, make make make....busy busy busy. I admire how they keep up the momentum and make such lovely things.

And so.

I get out my Majacraft Suzie Pro. Dust it off. And away I go.

Spin spin spin. Weave weave weave.

And so a new direction is taken.

More photos to follow......

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  1. Oh, I clicked through from Catherine's blog. I didn't know you were her. Hello, how lovely to see that picture of you with your cowl too. Now I shall have to read backwards!!!!


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