Thursday, 25 April 2013

Takes a while... get into the groove.

But I have been churning through things I wanted to accomplish.

Rather pleased with the Cowls that I have been developing.

I think I have always had a fascination for Cowls since I lived in Denmark.  We all seemed to have one.   Boys and Girls. One of my strongest memories is the blue one that I had, pulled up from around my neck over my head to catch the snow from falling down my neck....on the way to school. They looked more like this....(ps. This is not a good example).

When I started knitting I designed one based on concepts I had seen, later realising they were already around and named something different.  But I liked the cable that I added to mine. (This pattern is still for sale.)

Having said that, Scowl was a simple 'slip over the head' cowl.

Not quite the 'wrap twice and snuggle in' cowl I like.

And so, by default, these seem to have created themselves.


Some make their way down to the Flying Pig Gallery in Berry to be sold.

Some get snaffled up, by Facebook readers, and friends, and even me.

I so rarely keep anything I make, but I love this black and red one. Think it is mine.

All these shots show the Cowls wrapped twice, ready to wear. 

Out of interest, if anyone would like to purchase one, occasionally they go up for sale on my Facebook page  but you can send me a message/comment and I can create one for you.

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