Sunday, 3 March 2013

What I've found to be true

About that I think a lot. 

I think a lot about all sorts of things but mostly, when I am thinking about a project, a lot of 'thinks' get in the way of the project.

This used to be distracting, but now I find it amazing. Such thinks make me look into the inter web and poke around, find things that inspire me and materials to use.

FOR EXAMPLE - because everyone likes an example.....this blog.

Now - I should explain (even though I did it in the side bar).... that I, Donyale, am Moggy and Me. And Loom and Arty.

I don't know if that is confusing. I must admit I am confused sometimes too. But I guess the best way is to break it down this way.

I used to knit wool
I used to spin yarn
I used to dye yarn
I used to weave yarn
I used to blog
I even designed a few patterns


I stopped knitting wool
I stopped dyeing yarn
I stopped blogging
I joined Ravelry
I joined Facebook (as Moggy and Me)

I have found that....

I still spin 
I still poke around on Ravelry
I don't knit (at the moment) or dye yarns


....I love to weave....

I'm not a weaving expert in any sense. Totally self taught and purely experimental.

I certainly don't fit into the mould of a 'traditional' weaver, (their skills and knowledge is amazing), but along the way I have developed my own style, and fallen in love with the Saori philosophy of creating things.  (I've added a link if you would like to have a look).

And so over time I've become a bit torn. 

Moggy and Me is still me.....the 'brand' if you like....but Loom and Arty is where my head and heart is.

And as such this is where I plan on documenting my thinking process. The creative process. The photos etc.  I will just like on Facebook when I have put up a new post.   

I would love you to say hi and leave thoughts and comments.

Hope you enjoy the journey.


I love it when people take time to comment!