Thursday, 21 March 2013

Warp(ing) Speed

I have to say. I have been MORE than a little nervous to jump into the pool of learning how to make my own warp.

Really, being spoilt for choice with Kaz offering us lovely pre-wound warps. It seemed way too hard.


I really do have so much yarn (and I have plans to acquire some more in July)...(if I can wait that long). It seemed stoopid not to give it a go.

So far I warped up 'Mardi'

'The Blue The Blue'

(two different scarves)

Now it is Saucy Mrs. Brown.  I purchased the set of Saori yarns from Kaz last year and never thought I would use them - but they are so lovely.  And there is something quite wonderful using a host of yarns that are created to be used together.

So I am thinking. There may be enough for 4 meters of Mrs. Brown.  It might be time to make some fabric.

I'll keep in touch ;)

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