Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Blue The Blue

I'm trying, with every project to change things up a little. (Lots of Links ahead if you wish to click)....
I think from my weaving from last year, projects on my Majacraft loom had a different feel to the things I have woven over the last 10 months on the Saori Loom.

I noticed that when I started to use the pre-wound warp that I woven more densely, heavier, and busier, but over time I have slowly come back to the more relaxed weaving that I was becoming known for at a local Gallery.

Interestingly, when weaving the lighter projects, I couldn't keep up with demand from the Gallery.  When I submitted my Saori weaving, they were returned, with the comment that they were 'too masculine'.
I thought that was really interesting, as they proved very popular with people purchasing them via Facebook and etsy.  

So - on reflection - saleable, wearable, price point fine, but not acceptable for the Gallery and their market.

A good lesson to learn.
So - in the excitement of learning to actually warp my loom myself, but also in the spirit of experimentation, I have created (recently) three distinctly different projects.

Firstly there was Lys = Light - using the pre-wound warp but in white/taupes and organic cottons. 

I made three lovely projects from this warp....

 ..but I haven't fully documented them all yet.  Needless to say, this was a departure from the denser and darker projects I have been playing with.

Then there was Mardi - very popular and snatched off the loom before woven. I would say, from a market research point of view, RAINBOWS are very popular.

And now it falls to my latest piece...The Blue The Blue.

But I might show you that lovely project another time. Even thought that was, at the beginning of the post, my purpose.

All I can say is I may have come a full circle and have learnt an enormous amount in the process.


  1. Love the textile journey. You really are developing the most beautiful woven textiles. I can see that you are producing and experimenting alot which has inspired me!!

    1. Thanks Kaz - If I can develop 'some' of your skills I will be more than happy.

  2. I agree with Kaz, beautiful weaving!


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