Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rainbow coloured....

I love a challenge.

I've been putting off learning to warp a loom from scratch. I don't really know why. I guess because up until now I didn't need to. Direct warping was the simplest on the Ashford Knitters loom, and then later on the Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom .  I didn't need to try another method.

Then the Saori pre-wound warp made things easier need.

But I've bitten the bullet, made a warp (using the back of my lovely Majacraft loom)...

And successfully warped it up ready to go.

Oh my. Lovely happy rainbow warp ready to weave right?

Well. That should have been the easy part.


Even though this project was sold before I even started to weave I got a little too cosy with the thought that it was going to be easy.

Beware. Dog's breakfast of colours ahead.

Not even the relaxed 'Saori' thought of 'no mistakes, just weave and relax didn't help. I was switching colour and changing textures Waaaaaaaaay too much. I guess it is the busiest warp I have woven with. Really. It does the talking and the weft let's it talk. just didn't feel right.

I decided to leave it on and start with larger sections of colour. Instead of swapping and changing colours so many times in smaller sections I used several different shades and textures of the same colour.

It looks SO much better.

I love a challenge.

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