Monday, 11 March 2013

Free days....days off...

I wonder what it would really be like to immerse yourself into what you are amazed at.

To produce a body of work like Sheila Hicks.

Have a look at this LINK. Go on. I'll wait.

Amazing non?

To look up Sheila Hicks for images this is what you will see - LOOK. Go on. I don't mind.

Although I am so enjoying my 'Free days...days off....' call them what you will, I am, as most everyone I know, still tied to the requisite housework, groceries and chores, taxi service, kiddy tasks.  I don't bemoan that. (Well, I do, to a point....) but imagine if you were commissioned to create something like this image. I can't.

I know from trial and error, over the years, that creating things serves a better purpose for me if they are something that I make for myself.....if someone like what I have created and wants to purchase it that is such a lovely buzz.

But, imagine having either the kudos/nous/backing/guts to go for it. Full time. Without constraint.

I can't.

But it is something to aspire to isn't it.
(PS. Click on the image for the html link).

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