Monday, 27 May 2013

I've not been far away...

But as is my normal mode of operation....busy busy busy.

This time of the year is my busiest, as it is cold. People want to keep warm and luckily for me they like the things I create to keep them warm.

Most people would take the whole year to create 'stock' - to get organised so that they can supply people/shops/gallerys/online stores etc.....but not me.

For one. I get bored. I create something, go a little manic and churn out a lot of different types of the style that has taken my fancy. People love them, snap them up and I churn out more.

Actually. That sounds wrong. I don't churn them out. I just make them. Each one different. Each one eliciting a little sigh of surprise at how much I like it. How I might not want to let it go to a new house. But then someone likes it - buys it - off it goes.

And I smile a smile.


As I work on things, I tweak. I do the 'what if' question that will eternally plague me but I now understand is integral to the way I create.

Before I know it, I am off on another tangent. .....  Creating something quite different. People have to hang on tight to keep up....'what are you working on now' they will ask....and if I'm not quick it will be a different answer before I know what has happened.

And so.

You haven't seen me here. But I've been working. Busy busy busy.

These images are just a few of the things that I've worked on....but show the gradual change from using lots of lovely fine yarns, throwing in some thicker stuff.

And then, Just like that. I start deciding to spin some yarn. Probably inspired but Wool Wench and Jazz Turtle and the things they create.

They spin, weave, dye, make make make....busy busy busy. I admire how they keep up the momentum and make such lovely things.

And so.

I get out my Majacraft Suzie Pro. Dust it off. And away I go.

Spin spin spin. Weave weave weave.

And so a new direction is taken.

More photos to follow......

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Takes a while... get into the groove.

But I have been churning through things I wanted to accomplish.

Rather pleased with the Cowls that I have been developing.

I think I have always had a fascination for Cowls since I lived in Denmark.  We all seemed to have one.   Boys and Girls. One of my strongest memories is the blue one that I had, pulled up from around my neck over my head to catch the snow from falling down my neck....on the way to school. They looked more like this....(ps. This is not a good example).

When I started knitting I designed one based on concepts I had seen, later realising they were already around and named something different.  But I liked the cable that I added to mine. (This pattern is still for sale.)

Having said that, Scowl was a simple 'slip over the head' cowl.

Not quite the 'wrap twice and snuggle in' cowl I like.

And so, by default, these seem to have created themselves.


Some make their way down to the Flying Pig Gallery in Berry to be sold.

Some get snaffled up, by Facebook readers, and friends, and even me.

I so rarely keep anything I make, but I love this black and red one. Think it is mine.

All these shots show the Cowls wrapped twice, ready to wear. 

Out of interest, if anyone would like to purchase one, occasionally they go up for sale on my Facebook page  but you can send me a message/comment and I can create one for you.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flurry of Creativity

I've noticed a flurry of creativity at Chez Loom&Arty the past few months.

I'm sure it is directionally proportional to the amount of Full Time work I have in my 'other' life. (ie I have gone from full time work to 3 days a week in the past few months).

I've been able to really get stuck into the weaving, clean up the website, create this blog, get some items down to the Wonderful Flying Pig Precinct in Berry for this season, send some items off to new homes in the States, order new labels for items, etc etc etc.

I do like that. A lot.
(PS these are photos of a recent project that I finished that I will probably be submitting for an exhibition).

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Warp(ing) Speed

I have to say. I have been MORE than a little nervous to jump into the pool of learning how to make my own warp.

Really, being spoilt for choice with Kaz offering us lovely pre-wound warps. It seemed way too hard.


I really do have so much yarn (and I have plans to acquire some more in July)...(if I can wait that long). It seemed stoopid not to give it a go.

So far I warped up 'Mardi'

'The Blue The Blue'

(two different scarves)

Now it is Saucy Mrs. Brown.  I purchased the set of Saori yarns from Kaz last year and never thought I would use them - but they are so lovely.  And there is something quite wonderful using a host of yarns that are created to be used together.

So I am thinking. There may be enough for 4 meters of Mrs. Brown.  It might be time to make some fabric.

I'll keep in touch ;)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

amazing influences

Sometimes when I'm reading a magazine, or surfing the net, I come across amazing inspiring photos. I had to share a few from the recent American Craft magazine....not half as twee as the name sounds.

Sadly the photos won't be linked but I've kept all the information on the photos so you can click away on what may take your fancy.

Which one do you like? Do you know the creators or have you heard of them? Do you have any other amazing links you can share?

I loved the colours of this - but also the shape.

For me, it was all about the Blue in this shot.

Apart from the lime green that grabbed me, I had to look again - what a completely cool Jetsons type cabinet.

I love this burnished look.

The small details on these rings are so cool.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Blue The Blue

I'm trying, with every project to change things up a little. (Lots of Links ahead if you wish to click)....
I think from my weaving from last year, projects on my Majacraft loom had a different feel to the things I have woven over the last 10 months on the Saori Loom.

I noticed that when I started to use the pre-wound warp that I woven more densely, heavier, and busier, but over time I have slowly come back to the more relaxed weaving that I was becoming known for at a local Gallery.

Interestingly, when weaving the lighter projects, I couldn't keep up with demand from the Gallery.  When I submitted my Saori weaving, they were returned, with the comment that they were 'too masculine'.
I thought that was really interesting, as they proved very popular with people purchasing them via Facebook and etsy.  

So - on reflection - saleable, wearable, price point fine, but not acceptable for the Gallery and their market.

A good lesson to learn.
So - in the excitement of learning to actually warp my loom myself, but also in the spirit of experimentation, I have created (recently) three distinctly different projects.

Firstly there was Lys = Light - using the pre-wound warp but in white/taupes and organic cottons. 

I made three lovely projects from this warp....

 ..but I haven't fully documented them all yet.  Needless to say, this was a departure from the denser and darker projects I have been playing with.

Then there was Mardi - very popular and snatched off the loom before woven. I would say, from a market research point of view, RAINBOWS are very popular.

And now it falls to my latest piece...The Blue The Blue.

But I might show you that lovely project another time. Even thought that was, at the beginning of the post, my purpose.

All I can say is I may have come a full circle and have learnt an enormous amount in the process.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Free days....days off...

I wonder what it would really be like to immerse yourself into what you are amazed at.

To produce a body of work like Sheila Hicks.

Have a look at this LINK. Go on. I'll wait.

Amazing non?

To look up Sheila Hicks for images this is what you will see - LOOK. Go on. I don't mind.

Although I am so enjoying my 'Free days...days off....' call them what you will, I am, as most everyone I know, still tied to the requisite housework, groceries and chores, taxi service, kiddy tasks.  I don't bemoan that. (Well, I do, to a point....) but imagine if you were commissioned to create something like this image. I can't.

I know from trial and error, over the years, that creating things serves a better purpose for me if they are something that I make for myself.....if someone like what I have created and wants to purchase it that is such a lovely buzz.

But, imagine having either the kudos/nous/backing/guts to go for it. Full time. Without constraint.

I can't.

But it is something to aspire to isn't it.
(PS. Click on the image for the html link).